George Clooney height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

George Clooney Height

In feet - 5 feet 11 inches
In meters - 1.80 m
In centimeters - 180 cm

George Clooney height
George Clooney height

George Clooney Biography & Wiki

Son of a talk show host (and cousin of Miguel Ferrer ), George Clooney made appearances on his father's shows from an early age. Wishing to follow in his footsteps, he began by studying journalism. Excellent baseball player, he also plans a time to become professional, but this hope is disappointed, the team he dreamed of integrating not having selected him.

Clooney then turned to the 7th art, but his debut was placed under the sign of the Z series, with films with such eloquent titles as Return to horror high (his first appearance on the screen in 1987) or The Return of the tomatoes. killers in 1988. However, his performances aroused the interest of television producers who entrusted him with the role of a pediatrician in a new series: Emergencies.

Clooney alias Doug Ross wreaks havoc in the cottages, which allows him to make a new start in the cinema - he will not leave the series until 1999. He is offered in 1996 his first major role, that of a criminal, by the chic and crazy tandem Robert Rodriguez - Quentin Tarantino (A night in hell). Chosen by Warner to play batman in Batman & Robin (1997), he is as comfortable in the romantic comedy (A Beautiful Day) as in the action film (The Peacekeeper).

In 1998, his composition as a gentleman burglar in Out of reach was unanimous, but this film above all marks his meeting with the filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, with whom he created the production company Section Eight in 2000 - he remained associated with it until in 2006. Clooney is his favorite actor, both mainstream films (Ocean's Eleven and its sequels, Twelve and 13) on a bold project that the remake of Solaris in 2002.

If he does not disdain the big show ( In the middle of a storm ), the seducer with the graying temples, seen Malick (The Red Line), participates more readily in iconoclastic works, such as The Kings of the Desert in 1999, or the acid comedies of the Coen brothers (the O'Brother odyssey, with at the end of the trip a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2001, and Intolerable Cruelty).

Star of the small screen having acquired the status of a movie star, George Clooney launched a new challenge in 2002 by going behind the camera with Confessions of a dangerous mind, the first very noticed opus which paints the portrait of a TV host who would have worked for the CIA. In 2005, he signed his second film, which won awards in Venice, Good Night, and Good Luck., a dive into McCarthyite America in the 1950s.

George Clooney information

  • Real Name - George Timothy Clooney
  • Nickname - Gorgeous George
  • Nationality - American
  • Ethnicity - White
  • Profession - Actor, director, producer & screenwriter
  • Religion - Agnosticism
  • Debut Movie - Return to Horror High (1987)
  • Debut Television - E/R (1985)

George Clooney Personal Life

  • Date of Birth - May 06, 1961
  • Age - 59 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - Lexington, Kentucky, United States
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Gemini
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Actor, director, producer & screenwriter
  • Hometown - Sonning Eye, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

George Clooney Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 11 inches, 180 cm, 1.80 m
  • Weight - 78 kg,172 pounds
  • Age - 59 years (According to 2020)
  • Eye Color - Dark Brown
  • Hair Color - Salt and Pepper (Grayish)
  • Sexual Orientation - Straight

George Clooney Educational Qualification

Qualification - Graduate 
School - Augusta High School, Blessed Sacrament School & St. Michael’s School
College - Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati

George Clooney Family

  • Father - Nick Clooney
  • Father's Profession - Game show host
  • Mother - Nina Warren Clooney
  • Mother's Profession - Beauty pageant queen
  • Cousin - Miguel Ferrer and Rafael Ferrer
  • Aunt - Rosemary Clooney
  • Uncle - José Ferrer

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George Clooney Net Worth

  1. $500 million USD (Approx)
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George Clooney Movies and Films

  1. 1987 - Return to Horror High, Grizzly II: Revenge
  2. 1988 - Return of the Killer Tomatoes
  3. 1989 - Red Surf
  4. 1992 - Unbecoming Age
  5. 1993 - The Harvest
  6. 1996 - From Dusk till Dawn, One Fine Day
  7. 1997 - Batman & Robin, The Peacemaker
  8. 1998 - The Thin Red Line, Out of Sight
  9. 1998 - Waiting for Woody
  10. 1999 - Three Kings, The Book That Wrote Itself
  11. 1999 - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  12. 2000 - The Perfect Storm, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  13. 2001 - Ocean's Eleven, Spy Kids
  14. 2002 - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Solaris
  15. 2002 - Welcome to Collinwood
  16. 2003 - Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Intolerable Cruelty
  17. 2004 - Ocean's Twelve
  18. 2005 - Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana
  19. 2006 - The Good German
  20. 2007 - Michael Clayton, Darfur Now
  21. 2007 - Ocean's Thirteen, Sand and Sorrow
  22. 2008 - Leatherheads, Burn After Reading
  23. 2009 - Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up in the Air
  24. 2009 - The Men Who Stare at Goats
  25. 2010 - The American
  26. 2011 - The Ides of March, The Descendants
  27. 2013 - Gravity
  28. 2014 - The Monuments Men, Annie
  29. 2015 - Tomorrowland, A Very Murray Christmas
  30. 2016 - Hail, Caesar!, Money Monster
  31. 2020 - The Midnight Sky

George Clooney Television

  1. 1984–85 - E/R
  2. 1984 - Riptide
  3. 1985 - Street Hawk, Crazy Like a Fox
  4. 1985–87 - The Facts of Life
  5. 1986 - Hotel, Throb and Combat Academy
  6. 1987 - Hunter, Murder, She Wrote, The Golden Girls
  7. 1988–91 - Roseanne
  8. 1991 - Baby Talk
  9. 1992 - Jack's Place
  10. 1992–93 - Bodies of Evidence
  11. 1993 - The Building, Without Warning: Terror in the Towers
  12. 1993–94 - Sisters
  13. 1994–99, 2000, 2009 - ER
  14. 1995 - Friends
  15. 1997 - South Park
  16. 1998 - Murphy Brown
  17. 2000 - Fail Safe
  18. 2010 - Hope for Haiti Now
  19. 2014 - Text Santa 4
  20. 2018 - My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman
  21. 2019 - Catch-22

George Clooney Life & Career

A committed citizen, he plays in films that tackle topical issues: American oil interests (Syriana, with an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2006) or the gloomy practices of multinationals (Michael Clayton, which earned him his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor in 2008). However, he does not refuse glamor or entertainment, both in front of the camera (the exercise in The Good German style ) and behind, with his third production, Jeux de dupes., a comedy about the world of American football in the 1920s.

Even if the film is a failure for the actor/director, it is found the same year in the Coen brothers ' film, Burn After Reading, where he reunites with  Tilda Swinton, with whom he had previously played in Michael Clayton.bIn 2010, he hit the screen in the romantic comedy In the Air and in the absurd The Goats of the Pentagone. He also lends his voice to one of the characters in his friend Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox before playing a hitman under pressure in Anton Corbijn's The American.

In 2012, his performance as a father whose life was turned upside down when his wife fell into a coma in  The Descendants by Alexander Payne earned him a new Oscar nomination for best actor. He did not forget the directing however and signed  The Steps of Power in 2010, nominated for four Golden Globes (including the most prestigious: best film, director, and actor). In 2014, he returned to the camera for his most ambitious film: Monuments Men.

This is the biggest production in which George Clooney has been involved both in front of and behind the camera. He even gave a small role to his father Nick, alongside a prestigious cast made up of, among others, Bill Murray, Jean Dujardin, and  John Goodman with whom he had not played since O'Brother. But that is unfortunately not enough: the film is a commercial and critical failure.

2013 sees him go deeper into space with Gravity, alongside Sandra Bullock. Although he only has a supporting role in Alfonso Cuaron's work, he is part of a major sci-fi film that sets a date in special effects and offers an immersive experience rarely seen in the public eye. cinema. At ease in this genre, he continues with In pursuit of tomorrow, inspired by the Tomorrowland attraction of Disney parks and directed by Brad Bird, to whom we owe The Incredibles. 

In 2016, he by actress/director Jodie Foster than the Coen brothers with the crime comedy Avé, César! The famous duo is never far away since the following year they co-sign the screenplay for Welcome to Suburbicon, George Clooney's 6th production. For the first time, the actor/director is content to stay behind the camera and plunges his sidekick  Matt Damon in an apparently peaceful American suburb of the 1960s but whose varnish will not take long to crack.

FAQs of George Clooney

Q1. What is George Clooney's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 11 inches, in meters - 1.80 meter, in centimeters - 180 cm

Q2. What is George Clooney's weight?
Ans. 78 kg,172 pounds

Q3. What is George Clooney's net worth?
Ans. $500 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is George Clooney's Age?
Ans. 59 years (According to 2020)

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