Matt Damon height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Matt Damon Height

In feet - 5 feet 10 inches
In meters - 1.78 m
In centimeters - 178 cm

Matt Damon height
Matt Damon height

Matt Damon Biography & Wiki

Matt Damon, born in 1970 in Massachusetts, and raised by his mother in Boston, has always wanted to turn to the world of show business: after a literary studies degree obtained at Harvard, he devoted himself to theater classes which will pay off.

Indeed, the young man had his first success on the boards, before conquering Hollywood alongside his famous cousin, Ben Affleck. With him, he wrote "Will Hunting" in 1997, directed by Gus Van Sant, which will be awarded multiple times, consecrating Matt Damon as a talented actor.

Friendship is one of the most important values ​​in his career: after playing in "Ocean's Eleven" in 2001, his partners (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia) become dear friends, with whom he does not hesitate. to collaborate on other projects, even for short appearances.

Following this film, director Steven Soderbergh also made him one of his favorite actors. Faithful in friendship, but also in love: Matt Damon has been married since 2005 to Luciana Bozan.

A waitress he had met sometime earlier, already the mother of a little girl and who gave him, in 2006 and 2008, two other little girls (Isabella and Gia). Between a masterful career and a perfect family life, Matt Damon takes time for others: in 2009, he created an association to support access to drinking water in Africa.

Matt Damon information

  • Real Name - Matthew Paige Damon
  • Nickname - Matt, Paige, Damon
  • Nationality - American
  • Ethnicity - White
  • Profession - Actor, producer, voice actor, screenwriter
  • Religion - Roman Catholic
  • Debut Movie - Mystic Pizza (1988)
  • Debut Television - Rising Sun (1990)

Matt Damon Personal Life

  • Date of Birth - October 08, 1970
  • Age - 50 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Libra
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Actor, producer, voice actor, screenwriter
  • Hometown - Unknown

Matt Damon Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 10 inches, 178 cm, 1.78 m
  • Weight - 84 kg,185 pounds
  • Age - 50 years (According to 2020)
  • Measurements - Unknown
  • Shoe Size - 11 (US) & 10 (UK)
  • Eye Color - Blue
  • Hair Color - Light Brown
  • Sexual Orientation - Straight

Matt Damon Educational Qualification

  • Qualification - Unknown
  • School - Cambridge Alternative School & Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
  • College - Harvard University

Matt Damon Family

Matt Damon Instagram

Matt Damon Net Worth

  • $170 million USD (Approx)
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Matt Damon Movies and Films

  1. 1988 - Mystic Pizza, The Good Mother
  2. 1989 - Field of Dreams
  3. 1992 - School Ties
  4. 1993 - Geronimo: An American Legend
  5. 1995 - Glory Daze
  6. 1996 - Courage Under Fire
  7. 1997 - Chasing Amy, The Rainmaker, Good Will Hunting
  8. 1998 - Saving Private Ryan, Rounders
  9. 1999 - Dogma, The Talented Mr. Ripley
  10. 2000 - Titan A.E., The Legend of Bagger Vance
  11. 2000 - Finding Forrester, All the Pretty Horses
  12. 2001 - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Ocean's Eleven, The Majestic
  13. 2002 - Gerry, Stolen Summer, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  14. 2002 - The Third Wheel, The Bourne Identity, 
  15. 2002 - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Speakeasy
  16. 2003 - The Battle of Shaker Heights, Stuck on You
  17. 2004 - EuroTrip, Jersey Girl, The Bourne Supremacy
  18. 2004 - Ocean's Twelve, Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
  19. 2005 - Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
  20. 2005 - Syriana, Feast, The Brothers Grimm
  21. 2006 - The Departed, The Good Shepherd
  22. 2007 - Ocean's Thirteen, The Bourne Ultimatum
  23. 2007 - Youth Without Youth, Running the Sahara
  24. 2008 - Che: Part Two, Ponyo
  25. 2009 - The Informant!, Invictus
  26. 2010 - Green Zone, Hereafter, True Grit, Inside Job
  27. 2011 - The Adjustment Bureau, Contagion
  28. 2011 - Margaret, Happy Feet Two, We Bought a Zoo
  29. 2012 - Promised Land
  30. 2013 - Behind the Candelabra, Elysium, The Zero Theorem
  31. 2014 - The Monuments Men, The Man Who Saved the World, Interstellar
  32. 2015 - The Martian
  33. 2016 - Manchester by the Sea, Jason Bourne, The Great Wall
  34. 2017 - Bending the Arc, Downsizing, Suburbicon, Thor: Ragnarok - 2018 Unsane, Deadpool 2, Ocean's 8
  35. 2019 - Ford v Ferrari, Jay, and Silent Bob Reboot

Matt Damon Television

  1. 1990 - Rising Sun
  2. 1995 - The Good Old Boys
  3. 2001 - Project Greenlight
  4. 2002 - Push, Nevada
  5. 2002, 2018 - Saturday Night Live
  6. 2002 - The Bernie Mac Show, Will & Grace
  7. 2003–14 - Journey to Planet Earth
  8. 2006–present - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  9. 2007 - Arthur
  10. 2009 - Entourage, The People Speak
  11. 2010 - Cubed
  12. 2010–11 - 30 Rock
  13. 2013 - House of Lies
  14. 2014 - Years of Living Dangerously
  15. 2015 - The Leisure Class
  16. 2016 - The Runner, Incorporated, City on a Hill

Matt Damon Life & Career

After studying literature at the prestigious Harvard University, Matt Damon chose to get on the stage and had his first success with the play The Speed ​​of Darkness by Steve Tesich.

He then made cinema acclaimed debut in 1988 in the dramatic comedy Mystic Pizza of Donald Petrie alongside Julia Roberts, a rising star at the time, and Lili Taylor.

The young actor then landed several supporting roles, notably in the Geronimo of Walter Hill in 1993 and co-starred in 1996 to Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington inA fireproof of Edward Zwick. Now considered a rising star in Hollywood, he played The Idealist by Francis Ford Coppola in 1997. The same year, he wrote the screenplay for Will Hunting with his friend Ben Affleck.

This film, directed by Gus Van Sant, where he also plays the main role, is acclaimed by critics and the public and obtains the Oscar for Best Screenplay as well as the Silver Bear in Berlin. Rising star Matt Damon shoots Saving Private Ryan (1998) under the direction of fellow acclaimed director Steven Spielberg and then stars in the title role of.

Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) alongside Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. Cultivating a certain taste for self-mockery, Matt Damon does not hesitate to shine in the sweet crazy Kevin Smith and the Farrelly brothers for whom he interprets respectively the comedies Dogma (1999) and Deux en un (2004).

In 2001, Ocean's Eleven (2001) marked its entry into the Soderbergh clan. The collaboration between these two men will continue with Ocean's 12 (2004), Ocean's 13 (2007), and The Informant! (2009), the role for which Matt Damon appears mustached and weighed 13 kilos.

At the same time, he lends his features to Robert Ludlum's hero Jason Bourne, in a very lucrative trilogy that reinvents the codes of action cinema: La Mémoire dans la peau (2002), La Mort dans la peau (2004), and La Vengeance dans the skin (2007).

With this growing popularity, Matt Damon likes to work on ambitious projects like the choral film Syriana and to surround himself with renowned filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam ( Les Frères Grimm, 2005), Martin Scorsese ( Les Infiltrés, 2006), Robert De Niro (Raisons d'Etat, 2007) or Clint Eastwood (Invictus, in 2010, for which he was nominated for the Oscars and Beyond in 2011).

In 2010, he reunited with director Paul Greengrass (with whom he had already worked on the last two parts of the Jason Bourne trilogy) for the thriller Green Zone against the backdrop of the war in Iraq. Hollywood star, Matt Damon is also a politically engaged actor: in 2010, he narrated the documentary Inside Job, dedicated to the financial crisis.

After action films, war films, and comedies, the actor is illustrated in another essential genre in the history of cinema, namely the western, and thus adds a string to his bow by turning under the famous Coen brothers in True Grit (2010). After the semi-failure of L'Agence, mixing romance and anticipation, Matt Damon finds Soderbergh for the disaster film Contagion (2011), which brings together a host of stars in the cast.

He plays there the bereaved fathers of families, just like in the family and optimistic New Start the following year. Always so eclectic, he is illustrated at the same time in the dubbing of(2011), an exercise he had previously performed for Titan AE (2000), Spirit, the Plains Stallion (2002), and Ponyo (2008).

The actor returned to play for the fourth time for Gus Van Sant in 2012 in his film Promised Land, which he co-wrote and produced, before obtaining the lead role of Elysium, from young director Neill Blomkamp, where he shared starring with Jodie Foster.

Still diversifying his interpretations, he plays Michael Douglas' lover in My Life with Liberace, which earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes and the British Academy Film Awards. He finds George Clooney in the latter's film,  Monuments Men, which allows him to meet Bill Murray for the first time. and Jean Dujardin.

Matt then suddenly turns on once in two blockbusters SF Interstellar of Christopher Nolan and The Martian of Ridley Scott. For this role of an astronaut left to himself on the red planet, the actor is nominated for the Oscar for best actor. In 2016, Damon returns in the skin of an iconic character, secret agent Jason Bourne, angrier than ever, in Jason Bourne, still directed by Paul Greengrass.

FAQs of Matt Damon

Q1. What is Matt Damon's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 10 inches, in meters - 1.78 meter, in centimeters - 178 cm

Q2. What is Matt Damon's weight?
Ans. 85 kg, 185 pounds

Q3. What is Matt Damon's net worth?
Ans. $170 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Matt Damon's Age?
Ans. 50 years (According to 2020)

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