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Kevin Spacey height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Kevin Spacey Height

In feet - 5 feet 9 inches
In meters - 1.78 m
In centimeters - 178 cm

Kevin Spacey height
Kevin Spacey height

Kevin Spacey Biography & Wiki

Kevin Spacey was born on July 26, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey, USA. Son of a secretary and a technical writer, the precarious situation of his parents leads the young Kevin Spacey to move regularly across the country.

Very agitated, the turbulent Kevin is a difficult child: he is even placed in a military establishment from which he is dismissed after only a few months. Shortly after, he finally found his way: he took acting lessons in high school and discovered in the theater an excellent way to channel his energy.

Passionate from an early age, he accumulates encyclopedic knowledge on the subject and quickly decides to embark on an acting career. He begins by imitating celebrities like James Stewart and Johnny Carson on the amateur circuits before registering for Juilliard's drama classes on the advice of one of his class friends, Val Kilmer.

He stayed for two years, from 1979 to 1981 and then signs with the cast of the New York Shakespeare Festival and mounted on the Broadway stage repeatedly: Henry IV of Shakespeare, The Misanthrope by Molière, The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, or the Bloodhound by Anthony Shaffer and especially Le Long Voyage vers la Nuit by Eugene O'Neillare so many pieces that allow the young actor to prove himself and to rub shoulders with great actors, like Jack Lemmon, his lifelong idol.

Kevin Spacey information

  • Real Name - Kevin Spacey Fowler
  • Nickname - Kevin
  • Nationality - American
  • Ethnicity - English, Swedish & Welsh
  • Profession - Actor, Singer, Screenwriter & Filmmaker
  • Religion - Christianity
  • Debut Movie - Heartburn (1986)
  • Debut Television - The Equalizer (1987)

Kevin Spacey Personal Life

  • Date of Bith - July 26, 1959
  • Age - 61 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - South Orange, New Jersey, USA
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Leo
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Actor, Singer, Screenwriter & Filmmaker
  • Hometown - Southern California, USA

Kevin Spacey Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 9 inches, 178 cm, 1.78 m
  • Weight - 80 kg,176 lbs
  • Age - 61 years (According to 2020)
  • Chest Size - 42 Inches
  • Waist Size - 34 Inches
  • Biceps Size - 14 Inches
  • Eye Color - Dark Brown
  • Hair Color - Light Brown
  • Sexual Orientation - Bisexual

Kevin Spacey Educational Qualification

  • Qualification - Graduate
  • School - Los Angeles Canoga Park High School
  • College - Los Angeles Valley College

Kevin Spacey Family

  • Father - Thomas Geoffrey Fowler
  • Father's Profession - Data Consultant & Writer
  • Mother - Kathleen Ann
  • Mother's Profession - Secretary
  • Brother - Randy Fowler
  • Sister - Julie Ann Fowler Keir

Kevin Spacey Instagram

Kevin Spacey Net Worth

  • $100 million USD (Approx)

Kevin Spacey Movies and Films

  1. 1986 - Heartburn
  2. 1988 - Rocket Gibraltar
  3. 1989 - See No Evil, Hear No Evil/ Dad
  4. 1990 - A Show of Force/ Henry & June
  5. 1992 - Glengarry Glen Ross/ Consenting Adults
  6. 1994 - Iron Will/ The Ref/ Swimming with Sharks
  7. 1995 - The Usual Suspects/ Outbreak/ Se7en
  8. 1996 - A Time to Kill/ Streak: Showdown of the Teams/ Albino Alligator
  9. 1997 - L.A. Confidential/ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  10. 1998 - The Negotiator/ Hurlyburly/ A Bug's Life
  11. 1999 - American Beauty/ The Big Kahuna
  12. 2000 - Ordinary Decent Criminal/ Pay It Forward
  13. 2001 - K-PAX/ The Shipping News
  14. 2002 - Austin Powers in Goldmember
  15. 2003 - The Life of David Gale/ The United States of Leland
  16. 2004 - Beyond the Sea
  17. 2005 - Edison
  18. 2006 - Superman Returns
  19. 2007 - Fred Claus
  20. 2008 - 21/ Telstar: The Joe Meek Story
  21. 2009 - Shrink/ Moon/ The Men Who Stare at Goats
  22. 2010 - Father of Invention/ Casino Jack
  23. 2011 - Margin Call/ Horrible Bosses/ Inseparable
  24. 2012 - Envelope
  25. 2014 - Horrible Bosses 2
  26. 2016 - Elvis & Nixon/ Nine Lives
  27. 2017 - Rebel in the Rye/ Baby Driver
  28. 2018 - Billionaire Boys Club

Kevin Spacey Television

  1. 1987 - The Equalizer/ Long Day's Journey into Night/ Crime Story
  2. 1988 - The Murder of Mary Phagan/ Wiseguy
  3. 1989 - Unsub
  4. 1990 - When You Remember Me/ Fall from Grace
  5. 1991 - Darrow/ Streak
  6. 1992 - L.A. Law
  7. 1993 - TriBeCa
  8. 1994 - Doomsday Gun
  9. 1997 - Saturday Night Live
  10. 2003 - Freedom: A History of Us
  11. 2008 - Recount
  12. 2010 - Gorilla School
  13. 2012 - Johnny Carson: King of Late Night
  14. 2013 - House of Cards/ Breakthrough Prize Ceremony
  15. 2014 - The Colbert Report
  16. 2017 - 71st Tony Awards/ Manhunt: Unabomber

Kevin Spacey Video games

  1. 2006 - Superman Returns
  2. 2014 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Kevin Spacey Life & Career

The actor takes great pleasure in collecting the characters of "villain": an intriguing neighbor in Adult Games (1992) or a sadistic frame in Hollywood in Swimming With Sharks(1995), Kevin Spacey begins to forge a mysterious personality and a reputation as an expert in the register of madness and its derivatives.

He often alternates between seduction, troubled feelings, subtle perversity, and manipulative madness. He refines this image by taking on the role of the terrifying John Doe, the psychopathic killer of Seven, before moving on to another emblematic role which completes his stratification business: that of the flabby, obsequious and manipulative mobster of Usual Suspects, a film for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1996.

He continues to cultivate a certain ambiguity in his following choices, whether as a police officer in LA Confidential or as a businessman with dissolute morals midnight in the garden of good and evil. Now known and recognized on a global scale (impossible to forget his roles in Usual Suspects and Seven !).

Kevin Spacey collaborates with the greatest, such as Dustin Hoffman ( Alert, 1994), Al Pacino ( Looking for Richard, 1996) or Samuel L. Jackson ( Negotiator, 1998), and tries his hand at directing with the thriller Albino Alligator (1996), an experience he will repeat in 2004, with Beyond the Sea, a biopic on crooner Bobby Darin.

He finally climbed into the Hollywood pantheon in 2000, with his role of cynical and disillusioned forty-something in American Beauty, a performance which earned him the Oscar for Best Actor. During the following decade, his successes were less despite the number and diversity of his projects: Ordinary Decent Criminal (1999), A Better World (2000), K-Pax, the man who comes from far (2001), Newfoundland (2002) and Edison (2004) did not work at the box office, contrasting with its previous successes.

Despite his image as a devious actor, Kevin Spacey shows that his career orientation is more nuanced than it seems, by engaging for example in more intimate projects denouncing the abomination of the human being, such as The Life of David Gale (2003), Recount (2008) or Moon (2009); a humanist theme that he had already started in his beginnings in The Advocate of the Damned (1991).

The actor constantly oscillates between his two facets, although we can still detect a predominance of sadistic roles: Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, evil professor of poker in Las Vegas 21, corrupt military in The Goats of the Pentagon, execrable boss in How to kill your Boss? or shark of finance without qualms in Margin Call, Kevin Spacey further strengthens his reputation as a villainous villain by mainly illustrating himself in detestable roles.

Like many seasoned actors, Kevin Spacey cannot resist the appeal of the small screen and its quality series. Thus, in House of Cards, he plays Frank Underwood, a cunning politician from Washington, desperate to conquer the "supreme" position.

FAQs of Kevin Spacey

Q1. What is Kevin Spacey's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 9 inches, in meters - 1.78 meter, in centimeters - 178 cm

Q2. What is Kevin Spacey's weight?
Ans. 80 kg,176 lbs

Q3. What is Kevin Spacey's net worth?
Ans. $100 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Kevin Spacey's Age?
Ans. 61 years (According to 2020)

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Emma Watson height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Emma Watson Height

In feet - 5 feet 5 inches
In meters - 1.65 m
In centimeters - 165 cm

Emma Watson height
Emma Watson height

Emma Watson Biography & Wiki

Emma Watson, whose full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, is an English actress, born in Paris on April 15, 1990, to lawyer parents. She spent her first years in France, before following her mother to Great Britain.

The international success of the saga allows it to cover several major magazines. At 15, she is the youngest personality to make the front page of Teen Vogue. In 2004, she was a member of a jury which rewards the best young directors alongside Pierce Brosnan.

The same year, she made a mini theatrical performance of Harry Potter, in front of the Queen of England. At 17, Emma Watson left her mark on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, along with her Harry Potter partners, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

The young woman, just over 18, can now enjoy the joys of the majority and especially of her bank account. Indeed, at 18, she is already at the head of a small fortune of 13 million euros. The film arouses enormous international enthusiasm, so much so that several sequels are shot, in which the talent of Emma Watson is confirmed.

On several occasions, she obtained rewards for her various roles. In addition, in 2009, she became a model for the Burberry clothing brand, then in 2011 for Lancôme. She also creates a clothing line. At the same time, she began studying literature in 2009. In 2013, Emma Watson starred in "The Bling Ring", "This Is the End" and "Noe".

Emma Watson information

  • Real Name - Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
  • Nickname - Em
  • Nationality - British
  • Ethnicity - Mixed
  • Profession - Actress, Model
  • Religion - Agnostic
  • Debut Movie - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001)
  • Debut Television - Ballet Shoes (2007)

Emma Watson Personal Life

  • Date of Birth - April 15, 1990
  • Age - 30 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - Paris, France
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Aries
  • Nationality - British
  • Occupation - Actress, Model
  • Hometown - Paris, France

Emma Watson Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 5 inches, 165 cm, 1.65 m
  • Weight - 53 kg,117 lbs
  • Age - 30 years (According to 2020)
  • Body Measurement - 32-24-34
  • Eye Color - Light Brown
  • Hair Color - Blonde
  • Sexual Orientation – Straight

Emma Watson Educational Qualification

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Arts
  • School - Headington School, The Dragon School
  • College - Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Emma Watson Family

Emma Watson Instagram

Emma Watson Net Worth

  • $80 million USD (Approx)

Emma Watson Movies and Films

  1. 2001 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  2. 2002 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. 2004 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. 2005 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  5. 2007 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. 2008 - The Tale of Despereaux
  7. 2009 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  8. 2010 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1
  9. 2011 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2/ My Week with Marilyn
  10. 2012 - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  11. 2013 - The Bling Ring/ This Is the End
  12. 2014 - Noah
  13. 2015 - Colonia/ Regression
  14. 2017 - Beauty and the Beast/ The Circle
  15. 2019 - Little Women

Emma Watson Television

  1. 2007 - Ballet Shoes
  2. 2015 - The Vicar of Dibley

Emma Watson Music videos

  1. 2010 - Say You Don't Want It

Emma Watson Life & Career

Emma Watson reveals her early talents as an actress during a poetry recital, the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition, which she brilliantly won at the age of seven before performing in school shows such as Arthur: the young years and The Happy Prince while studying at Dragon School, Oxford private school.

She debuted in the cinema in 2001 with Harry Potter and the sorcerer 's stone by Chris Columbus as the rebellious and studious Hermione Granger, the young sorcerer's apprentice best friend, after her drama teacher introduced her to the film's casting directors and she was selected from among thousands of applicants.

The young actress repeated the experience the following year in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and continued to play the young student of Hogwarts for the next five parts, always alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

Establishing herself as the films progressed as one of the pillars of the Harry Potter saga, Emma Watson also plays the role of an orphan who dreams of becoming an actress in the TV movie The, in 2007. She added a new string to her bow in 2009 by lending her voice to the animated film The Legend of Despereaux.

A few months before the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The famous saga ended in 2011, with the last opus divided into two parts, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 1 and part 2. She therefore definitively left the character of Hermione Granger before finding herself alongside Michelle Williams for the needs of My Week with Marilyn.

In Charlie's World (2012), she plays Sam, a pretty party girl and a little lost, alongside the very fashionable era Miller and Logan Lerman. Emma then takes on a role against the job in The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola's 5th film, inspired by a true story. The actress plays Nicki, fascinated by fashion and a member of a group of teenagers who rob the houses of celebrities.

Girl adoptive Russell Crowe in the blockbuster Noah, mysterious victim in the dark thriller Regression then faced a sect in Colonia, the actress then camped the very cinematic character, Belle, in the adaptation in real shots of the animated classic from Disney Studios released in 1992.

FAQs of Emma Watson

Q1. What is Emma Watson's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 5 inches, in meters - 1.65 meter, in centimeters - 165 cm

Q2. What is Emma Watson's weight?
Ans. 53 kg,117 lbs

Q3. What is Emma Watson's net worth?
Ans. $80 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Emma Watson's Age?
Ans. 30 years (According to 2020)

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Camilla Belle height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Camilla Belle Height

In feet - 5 feet 7½ inches
In meters - 1.73 m
In centimeters - 173 cm

Camilla Belle height
Camilla Belle height

Camilla Belle Biography & Wiki

Camilla Belle was born on October 2, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Camilla Belle is an American actress. Camilla Belle is the daughter of Jack Routh, an American businessman, and Cristina Gould, a Brazilian businesswoman, and stylist from Santos.

Belle was raised in a Catholic family. She attended the Catholic Elementary School of São Paulo and then the Marlborough School. She grew up speaking Portuguese fluently. 

Camilla Belle information

  • Real Name - Camilla Belle Routh
  • Nickname - Bellgirl, Cam & Cammie
  • Nationality - American
  • Ethnicity - Mixed
  • Gender - Female
  • Profession - Actress
  • Religion - Roman Catholic

Camilla Belle Personal Life

  • Date of Birth - October 02, 1986
  • Age - 34 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Libra
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Actress

Camilla Belle Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 7½ inches, 173 cm, 1.73 m
  • Weight - 53 kg,117 lbs
  • Age - 34 years (According to 2020)
  • Body Measurements - 34-23-33 Inches
  • Eye Color - Dark Brown
  • Hair Color - Hazel
  • Sexual Orientation - Straight

Camilla Belle Educational Qualification

  • Qualification - graduated
  • School - Marlborough School, St. Paul’s Catholic Elementary School
  • College - None, N/A

Camilla Belle Family

Camilla Belle Instagram

Camilla Belle Net Worth

  • $3 million USD (Approx)

Camilla Belle Movies and Films

  1. 1995 - A Little Princess
  2. 1996 - Poison Ivy II: Lily
  3. 1997 - The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  4. 1998 - Practical Magic/ The Patriot
  5. 1999 - The Invisible Circus/ Secret of the Andes/ Back to the Secret Garden
  6. 2000 - Rip Girls
  7. 2005 - The Ballad of Jack and Rose/ The Chumscrubber/ The Quiet
  8. 2006 - When a Stranger Calls
  9. 2007 - The Trap
  10. 2008 - 10,000 BC
  11. 2009 - Push/ Adrift
  12. 2010 - Father of Invention/ Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights
  13. 2011 - From Prada to Nada/ Breakaway
  14. 2012 - Lovelocked
  15. 2013 - Open Road/ Zero Hour
  16. 2014 - Cavemen/ Amapola/ Bald
  17. 2015 - Diablo
  18. 2016 - The American Side/ Sundown
  19. 2017 - The Mad Whale

Camilla Belle Television

  1. 1993 - Empty Cradle/ Trouble Shooters: Trapped Beneath the Earth
  2. 1994 - Deconstructing Sarah
  3. 1995 - Annie: A Royal Adventure!
  4. 1996 - Marshal Law
  5. 1998 - Walker, Texas Ranger
  6. 1999 - Replacing Dad
  7. 2000 - The Wild Thornberrys/ Rip Girls
  8. 2001 - Back to the Secret Garden
  9. 2018 - Mickey and the Roadster Racers
  10. 2019 - Dollface

Camilla Belle Music videos

  1. 1993 - This Christmas
  2. 2008 - Lovebug
  3. 2011 - Shera di Kaum
  4. 2013 - Heart Attack

Camilla Belle Life & Career

American actress Versatile and attractive actress in independent productions and in genre cinema, Camilla Belle has been a name since Roland Emmerich's fantasy blockbuster " 10,000 BC " and adorns the covers from Vogue to Ocean Drive. For the role of the kidnapped and enslaved Evolet, she had to wear steel-blue contact lenses that covered her natural brown eye color.

In 2008 she will be part of a group of young Americans who have telekinetic skills and can see in the science fiction thriller "Push". Camilla Belle Routh was born in 1986 to an American and a Brazilian mother, whom she named Camilla after a telenovela.

Belle attended a Catholic school and the Marlborough School girls' boarding school in Los Angeles, appeared as a toddler and adolescent in commercials for PBS and Campbell's Soup and appeared for the first time in 1993 on television "Lullaby of Terror" and in 1995 for cinema "The Dream Princess" the camera.

In 1997 she was part of " Forgotten World: Jurassic Park ", in 1998 she played the daughter of Steven Segal in "The Patriot" and the young Sally in " Magical Sisters " (as an adult Sally: Sandra Bullock), in 2001 she joined Joyce Chopras Surfer and family film "Rip Girls - Surfer Girls" on.

In the years that followed, Belle cut back on her school appearances and caught her attention again in 2005 when she played the rebellious teen daughter of Daniel Day-Lewis in "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" and the deaf youth in "The Quiet - Can you keep a secret to yourself? ".

As a trained, classical pianist, Belle recorded piano sonatas by Brahms and Beethoven herself. Before her international success with “10,000 BC”, Belle was seen in 2006 as a teenage crystal in the satirical suburban ballad “The Chumscrubber - Happiness in small doses” and as a terrorized babysitter in the thriller “Unknown Caller” (2007).

A commercial for Nespresso brought her an encounter with George Clooney. So far, Camilla Belle has been nominated for five film awards. She loves Brazilian food and piano music. It supports charities for children in need.

FAQs of Camilla Belle

Q1. What is Camilla Belle's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 7½  inches, in meters - 1.73 meter, in centimeters - 173 cm

Q2. What is Camilla Belle's weight?
Ans. 53 kg,117 lbs

Q3. What is Camilla Belle's net worth?
Ans. $3 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Camilla Belle's Age?
Ans. 34 years (According to 2020)

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Robert De Niro height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Robert De Niro Height

In feet - 5 feet 9 inches
In meters - 1.77 m
In centimeters - 177 cm

Robert De Niro height
Robert De Niro height

Robert De Niro Biography & Wiki

Actor, director, and a major producer of American cinema, Robert Mario De Niro Jr was born on August 17, 1943, in New York to the painter Robert De Niro, of Italian and Irish origin, and of a mother of English, French and German origin and Dutch.

A student of the famous Actors Studio, the star began his career on the stage on Broadway, before discovering the world of cinema. He rose to prominence in 1973 with The Last Game, then Mean Street with Martin Scorsese, before shooting other films with the director.

Two-time Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather 2 and Best Actor with Raging Bull ), the star has many cult films in her eclectic filmography.

Among them, Taxi Driver, Once Upon a Time in America, Goodfellas, Heat,  Casino, Journey to Hell's End or Awakening, The Nerves Alive, Mafia Blues, My Step-Father and Me and Happiness Therapy demonstrate their worked interpretations.

An honorary Golden Globe was presented to the actor in 2011 to celebrate his successful career, with more than a hundred films to his name. On the private side, Robert de Niro is the father of six children, including Drena (1971), Raphael (1976), and the twins Julian and Aaron (1995).

With his last wife, Grace Hightower, the actor has a son, Elliot (1998), and a daughter, Helen, born to a surrogate mother in 2011. The actor survived prostate cancer in 2003. In November 2018, the actor announces his separation from Grace Hightower, after twenty-one years of marriage.

His name stands for acting to self-abandonment and is considered one of the best that the film business has produced in the past 35 years: Robert De Niro, born in New York in 1943, is known as the heir of the great Marlon Brando for a reason.

Robert De Niro information

  • Real Name - Robert Anthony De Niro
  • Nickname - Bobby
  • Nationality - American
  • Ethnicity - Italian
  • Profession - Actor, Director, Voice Actor, Producer
  • Religion - Agnostic

Robert De Niro Personal Life

  • Date of Birth - August 17, 1943
  • Age - 77 Years (According to 2020)
  • Birth Place - Manhattan, New York, USA
  • Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Leo
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Actor, Director, Voice Actor, Producer
  • Hometown - Greenwich Village

Robert De Niro Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  • Height  - 5 feet 9 inches, 177 cm, 1.77 m
  • Weight - 75 kg,175 lbs
  • Age - 77 years (According to 2020)
  • Chest Size - 43 Inches
  • Waist Size - 32 Inches
  • Biceps Size - 15 Inches
  • Eye Color - Dark Brown
  • Hair Color - Salt and Pepper
  • Sexual Orientation – Straight

Robert De Niro Educational Qualification

  • Qualification - N/A / Not Known
  • School - Elisabeth Irwin High School, High School of Music and Art
  • College - Stella Adler Conservatory, Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio

Robert De Niro Family

Robert De Niro Instagram

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Oscars 2020

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Robert De Niro Net Worth

  • $500 million USD (Approx)

Robert De Niro Movies and Films

  1. 1973 - Bang the Drum Slowly/ Mean Streets
  2. 1974 - The Godfather: Part II
  3. 1976 - Taxi Driver/ 1900/ The Last Tycoon
  4. 1978 - The Deer Hunter
  5. 1980 - Raging Bull
  6. 1981 - True Confessions
  7. 1982 - The King of Comedy
  8. 1984 - Once Upon a Time in America/ Falling in Love
  9. 1986 - The Mission
  10. 1987 - The Untouchables
  11. 1988 - Midnight Run
  12. 1989 - Jacknife
  13. 1990 - Goodfellas/ Awakenings
  14. 1991 - Cape Fear
  15. 1993 - A Bronx Tale/ This Boy's Life
  16. 1995 - Heat/ Casino
  17. 1996 - Sleepers/ Marvin's Room
  18. 1997 - Wag the Dog/ Jackie Brown
  19. 1999 - Analyze This
  20. 2000 - Meet the Parents 
  21. 2001 - The Score
  22. 2002 - Analyze That
  23. 2006 - The Good Shepherd
  24. 2011 - New Year's Eve/  Killer Elite
  25. 2012 - Silver Linings Playbook/  Being Flynn
  26. 2013 - American Hustle/ Last Vegas/ The Family/  Killing Season/ The Big Wedding/ Grudge Match
  27. 2014 - The Bag Man
  28. 2015 - The Intern/ Heist
  29. 2016 - The Comedian/ Hands of Stone/ Joy/ Dirty Grandpa

Robert De Niro Life & Career

The multi-Oscar winner Robert De Niro is considered one of the most important actors of his generation and one of the best-known representatives of method acting.

Probably the then 10-year-old Robert De Niro looked more like a kitten than a big cat when he first appeared on stage in the role of the lion in "The Wizard of Oz". But that was a long time ago. For about half a century, Robert De Niro is now at home in the movie business and in films such as The Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, Ronin or Meet the Fockers known.

Besides excellent acting performances, particularly as a character actor, Robert De Niro has also made a name as a director and producer and in 2006 with the filming of The Good Shepherd, for example, Hollywood stars like Matt Damon, Instructions given to Angelina Jolie and Alec Baldwin.

Robert De Niro owes his breakthrough to Martin Scorsese, who not only paved the way for his legendary role of Vito Corleone in The Godfather 2 with his sensational role in Hexenkessel but also cast him in eight of his films.

Robert De Niro learned his acting skills like Marlon Brando, Harvey Keitel, or Martin Sheen with the method acting icon Stella Adler. This acting technique requires the closest possible fusion between the person of the actor and the role to be played.

No wonder than Robert De Niro, who was one of his greatest successes, the taxi driver Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, spent a few weeks preparing himself in New York as a normal taxi driver. Another legendary role of de Niro was that of the boxer Jake LaMotta in Like a Wild Bull, which brought him to director Martin Scorsese for the fourth time after Hexenkessel, Taxi Driver and New York, New York.

Again, he went completely in his role and took boxing training with Jake La Motta personally. He took part in three real boxing matches, two of which he won. So much dedication was finally rewarded, and even though Like a Wild Bull had to settle for a nomination.

Robert de Niro received his first Oscar for Best Actor in 1981. Previously, he was widely used for his rolesTaxi Driver and Die die hell die unsuccessfully nominated and he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather 2.

FAQs of Robert De Niro

Q1. What is Robert De Niro's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 9 inches, in meters - 1.77 meter, in centimeters - 177 cm

Q2. What is Robert De Niro's weight?
Ans. 75 kg,175 lbs

Q3. What is Robert De Niro's net worth?
Ans. $500 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Robert De Niro's Age?
Ans. 77 years (According to 2020)

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Al Pacino height, biography, weight, net worth & movies

Al Pacino Height

In feet - 5 feet 7 inches
In meters - 1.70 m
In centimeters - 170 cm

Al Pacino height
Al Pacino height

Al Pacino Biography & Wiki

Al Pacino was born on April 25, 1940, in New York to a family of Italian immigrants. The vocation of comedy is obvious and the young man multiplies the attempts to integrate different theater courses.

It was at this time that he met actor and director Charles Laughton, who would know how to guide and support him. In 1966, Al landed a place in Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio where he met Robert De Niro. The actor will apply the method he has learned throughout his career, without ever deviating from it.

His talent on stage earned him a Tony Award in 1969 and Pacino broke through on the big screen in 1972 thanks to Francis Ford Coppola who entrusted him with the role of Michael Corleone in the Godfather.

A role that suits him like a glove since his parents are from Corleone in Sicily! It's a brilliant start for Pacino and the youngster immediately knows the recognition of his peers. He then shines in Serpico where he plays a police officer battling corruption. Pacino returned to mafia roles in 1983, and the actor played Tony Montana in the cult film Scarface.

In 1995, Pacino reunited with De Niro in Heat, by Michael Mann. Since then, the actor has returned to the theater and regularly goes on stage. He received an AFI Life Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious awards that can be awarded.

Pacino has also dedicated himself to directing and is the author of a documentary around Shakespeare's play Richard III. Side heart, the actor has long shared his life with his wife in The Godfather, Diane Keaton. In February 2020, Meital Dohan, his partner for two years, announces their breakup during an interview. 

Al Pacino information

  1. Real Name - Alfredo James Pacino
  2. Nickname - Sonny, The Actor, The Manlet
  3. Nationality - American
  4. Ethnicity - Sicilian, American, Italian & Neapolitan
  5. Profession - Actor
  6. Religion - Christianity
  7. Debut Movie - Me, Natalie (1969)
  8. Debut Television - Angels in America (2003)

Al Pacino Personal Life

  1. Date of Birth - April 25, 1940
  2. Age - 80 Years (According to 2020)
  3. Birth Place - Manhattan, New York, USA
  4. Zodiac sign/Sun sign - Taurus
  5. Nationality - American
  6. Occupation -
  7. Hometown - New York City, East Harlem, USA

Al Pacino Physical Stats, Weight & Age

  1. Height  - 5 feet 7 inches, 170 cm, 1.70 m
  2. Weight - 75 kg,165 lbs
  3. Age - 80 years (According to 2020)
  4. Chest Size - 44 Inches
  5. Waist Size - 34 Inches
  6. Biceps Size - 14 Inches
  7. Eye Color - Dark Brown
  8. Hair Color - White-Brown

Al Pacino Educational Qualification

  1. Qualification - High School (Drop Out)
  2. School - High School of Performing Arts, New York City, USA
  3. College - None, N/A

Al Pacino Family

  1. Father - Sal Pacino 
  2. Father's Profession - Actor
  3. Mother - Rose Gerard Pacino
  4. Mother's Profession -  N/A
  5. Sister- Roberta Pacino, Josette Pacino

Al Pacino Instagram

Al Pacino Net Worth

  1. $120million USD (Approx)

Al Pacino Movies and Films

  1. 1971 - The Panic in Needle Park
  2. 1972 - The Godfather
  3. 1973 - Serpico/ Scarecrow
  4. 1974 - The Godfather Part II 
  5. 1975 - Dog Day Afternoon
  6. 1977 - Bobby Deerfield
  7. 1979 - ...And Justice for All
  8. 1980 - Cruising
  9. 1982 - Author! Author!
  10. 1983 - Scarface 
  11. 1985 - Revolution
  12. 1989 - Sea of Love
  13. 1990 - Dick Tracy/ The Godfather Part III
  14. 1991 - Frankie and Johnny
  15. 1992 - Glengarry Glen Ross/ Scent of a Woman
  16. 1993 - Carlito's Way
  17. 1995 - Two Bits/ Heat 
  18. 1996 - City Hall/ Looking for Richard
  19. 1997 - Donnie Brasco/ The Devil's Advocate
  20. 1999 - The Insider/ Any Given Sunday
  21. 2002 - Insomnia/ Simone/ People I Know
  22. 2003 - The Recruit/ Gigli/ Angels in America
  23. 2004 - The Merchant of Venice
  24. 2005 - Two for the Money
  25. 2007 - 88 Minutes/ Ocean's Thirteen
  26. 2008 - Righteous Kill
  27. 2010 - You Don't Know Jack
  28. 2011 - The Son of No One/ Wilde Salomé/ Jack and Jill
  29. 2012 - Stand Up Guys
  30. 2013 - Phil Spector
  31. 2014 - Manglehorn/ The Humbling
  32. 2015 - Danny Collins
  33. 2016 - Misconduct
  34. 2017 - Hangman
  35. 2018 - Paterno
  36. 2019 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood/ The Irishman

Al Pacino Life & Career

When we discover him in 1969 in his first film Me, Natalie, Al Pacino already has a nice theatrical career behind him, but it Hispanic in Needle Park which will really reveal it and three years later it is the consecration: The Godfather opens the doors of glory to him, he is 32 years old.

Several films and several Oscar quotes followed, including The Godfather, Part 2, it was his first on-screen meeting with De Niro, whom he would find in Heat ten years later. Following his film performances in 1974, he was declared the best actor of the year by The British Academy.

He subsequently experienced a long journey through the desert, refusing several leading roles: Apocalypse Now, The Harvests of the Sky, and Kramer against Kramer. He made bad choices and in 1985 faced a bitter failure with Revolution, his first costume film.

The cinema is then voluntarily abandoned in favor of the theater, its passion, and its first vocation. In 1996 he directed and produced his first feature film (he co-directed The Local Stigmatic in 1990 a 56-minute film): Looking for Richard, an essay on the staging of Shakespeare's play Richard III (a play that among other things he had already played in 1973 in Boston).

Half documentary, half adaptation, it is undoubtedly the film that best allows us to understand the actor and to appreciate his subtle interpretation and rich in nuances which made his fame. His cinematographic comeback was really marked with Melody for murder in 1989.

4 years later, he found Brian De Palma with whom he had already signed Scarface for L 'Impasse. The actor will know how to play with his image and vary the roles, from Dick Tracy, Frankie & Johnny to the third opus of The Godfather which makes him enter the legend. In 2002, he toured with two remarkable young filmmakers.

Recognized today for his fabulous gift of making people forget the actor hidden behind a character, Al Pacino, now tends to multiply the caps as in Chinese coffee (adapted from the play) where he is a director and performer.

As a recognized actor, he does not hesitate to respond to young talents such as Colin Farrell in La Recrue (2003), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Amours troubles (2003) or Matthew McConaughey in Two for the Money ( 2006).

In 2007 he became a university expert in criminal psychiatry for the needs of 88 minutes of Jon Avnet before joining the team of cool robbers on the set of Steven Soderbergh 's Ocean's 13. The same year, Andrew Niccol, with whom Al Pacino had already collaborated in 2002 for Simone, offered him the role of Salvador Dali in the drama Dali and I: The Surreal Story.

FAQs of Al Pacino

Q1. What is Al Pacino's height?
Ans. In feet - 5 feet 7 inches, in meters - 1.70 meter, in centimeters - 170 cm

Q2. What is Al Pacino's weight?
Ans. 75 kg,165 lbs

Q3. What is Al Pacino's net worth?
Ans. $120 million USD (Approx)

Q4. What is Al Pacino's Age?
Ans. 80 years (According to 2020)